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Reviewed in India on 15 June 2018
I really should not complain because I knew from the start it was a short novella. It was sweet and good. I prefer long novels but I have already read so many that my choices are becoming limited. That is why I picked this up.
Lord Dashwood and Elinora Browning are childhood friends. After growing up, Elinora is expecting a proposal from him eagerly but instead he turns around and leaves for a tour of the world to become a cartographer. She is very bitter about it and after alarge amount of sherry, she writes a letter invoking every female to rise above male opinion and believe in themselves only. The letter is printed as a pamphlets Nd becomes very popular. She 8s going to Spindle Cove to give a talk on it when she finds, to her chagrin
, that she will have to share the coach with , none other than the man himself. Things begin to unfold as the journey progresses and they eventually reach their HEA.
A good short read if you have nothing better to do. The intimate scenes could have been better.
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4.3 out of 5
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