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Reviewed in India on 9 November 2018
It is just about self hypnosis or self suggestion, that too if you stretch it to sound more scientific. In reality, it is about miracles (literally) occurring with self suggestion. Very irrational.. .. with self suggestion somebody gets the dress she wanted as a gift or a somebody who was alone gets into a relationship (here some psychological rationale can be attributed...)
I thought the book would be some thing scientific, but it was more based on belief. So personally it was a let down. But even though, I am an atheist, I do not depreciate the power of belief on people who believe in these... Ultimately whatever keeps you in a positive frame of mind is good, if it doesn't infringe on others' peace of mind. This book in that aspect is good, gives people better than God to believe in... yourself, or the unknown self...
If you want to know how these miracles can help or to know other people s experiences, this may be a very good book and might help you.
But personally for me it is a two star...
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