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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 7 July 2022
By Shalini Ranjan

✒️I always believe that a book cover should convey the IDEA rather than the LITERAL story.
This cover gets me in the door of this wonderful book and the way it Conveys the genre is very specific.

✒️For so long I haven’t read so entangled, meaningful, poignant, emotional, book pushed me make so much” awwww” sounds, fill my eyes with happy, smiley tears, warm my heart, ring into my ears a lyrical, hopeful love song and give me the biggest reason to do my happy dance (as a change I mixed my Travolta-Beyonce moves with Swayze, Despicable me minions-Rosie’s imitation with her mouth filled with marshmallows inspired me- and walk like Egyptian moves by creating weirdest dance type on the earth!)

✒️The story is totally about a mid aged woman shivani, who was cheated by her husband, which is why she left him and moved to Delhi. She did all she could because chandan threatened her that he would take their son back.

✒️I loved this couple Avinash and shivani a lot. Avinash is everyone’s dream husband. He’s loyal, devoted, passionate, trustable, hard worker and he’s pushing so hard to make her fall for him. Because of her son, Shivani hides her feelings for Avinash. She believes that, this is the best for her son.

✒️I loved how Shivani tried to fix her problem and with that age her maturity is woww. She has some super power, energy and emotional moments to overcome chandan's threat. The characters felt realistic and their problems too.I felt so connected with them!

✒️There is no problem with the chemistry...they are in sync on all levels with that. No, there is another issue that is equally or even more important, they seem to have lost the way to communicate with each other.

✒️Honestly, this is all you need to dive into this book, I promise. If you treat yourself to this read, you will go through so many feelings...and the writing times are totally Shalini Ranjan Certified. Talking, Swoony Moments, and Chemistry Off the Charts.

Totally Recommended!!
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