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Reviewed in India on 15 March 2019
Been using Xbox 360 wireless for a long time. Recently got Redgear and here are my observations :
Pros :
1- Cheap and perfectly functional
2- Illuminated buttons
3- Xinput and Directinput switching is cool
4- Turbo mode is a nice addition, so is rechargeable battery with good life.
5- Buttons and joysticks feel surprisingly tactile. Wasn't expecting this in a cheap gamepad.
6- Size is easier to hold. I have large hands but 360 controller was not the most comfortable gamepad, this one is slightly smaller and is more ergonomic.
7- Its also nice how they have used LEDs to indicate mode of input/battery status etc.

Cons :
1- Plastic feels cheap.
2- Back rudders (Right and Left Triggers) feel very cheap and fragile. Very strange as rest of the buttons/joys are of nice quality.

Bonus Shortcuts:
1- To turn off gamepad press Back+B for 5 seconds.
2- To reset if you encounter problem, insert a pin in the hole in the back of the gamepad
3- To change between Dinput or Xinput press and hold HOME key on game pad for 5 seconds. Dinput is 1010 and X input is 0101 (Led lights)
4- You can press Back+Left stick button (press it down) to swap POV hat and Left stick. Useful if you are playing old games who don't support full axis support.

Edit : The gamepad has developed several major issues where the charging pin wont take charging correctly making charging very hard.
The back lights on gamepad wont turn off even after gamepad is switched off (both auto turn off and manual turnoff) causing it to run out of battery every time.
The axis is constantly wonky and wont work properly even after calibration.
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