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Reviewed in India on 17 February 2020
Because rain is the closest thing I have to tears.
Rowan has gone M.I.A. after the Winter Conclave.
He is now known as 'Scythe Lucifer' gleaning corrupt scythes using the power of fire.
Scythe Anastasia is now a junior scythe to Scythe Curie who finds a way to communicate with the Thunderhead.
Their separate paths ultimately lead to one goal.
Get rid of the corruption in the Scythedom.
But will they be able to do do or will they find themselves at the wrong end of a bad decision.
Thunderhead by Neal Schusterman was one of my top 5 reads of 2019.
The second book of Arc of the Scythe introduces new main characters that liven up the novel.
The pace of the book is fast and keeps you in your toes.
The integration of the Thunderhead's thought were done very well and it kept its relevance at a balance during the whole book.
The ending had me shaken up and I have got the next book but haven't read it yet but I'm dying to see what happens after that phenomenal cliffhanger.
I loved this book a lot because it's one of those YA books that has something different with the artificial intelligence aspect of it.
Fingers crossed I hope The Toll will be as good as the first two books.
Rated 100/100
Melina L.
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