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Reviewed in India on 24 January 2021
This is the story which asks questions, breaks rules but also with boundary lines which we are creating day by day.
Religion is created by us but love not. As it is said it is unbounded but se have to think a lot about these factors when the values & love conflict come at the stage when we have to choose one.
Roshan & Soha's story is not an ordinary one. It is about love, sacrifice, caring, waiting & finally accepting the truth & happiness.
Roshan finds his love in Soha but religions wall makes a barrier. But are bound to a conservative surrounding but what about their inner conflicts?
Roshan moves on & become married with Manisha & makes his family happy. But he can't justify this relationship & always feel a void.
On another side, Soha, fulfilling her dream, finds herself in a strange situation. It is her compulsion to stay strong from outside but she wants happiness also.
Both lives connected initially, separated in middle but what about love?
The question here I want to put is how love works. From person to person & from generation to generation.
Readers! This book is not a typical romance but a deep relationship manifestation happening in the modern world.
Connect it to the modern world & you can find its deep roots in Indian society.
Kudos to author Ajay, who's penmanship makes the story beautiful & intense with a lot of core conflicts & feelings.
Words are powerful & this novel forms a power-pack of such words.
Hope you all like the story.
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4.5 out of 5
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