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Reviewed in India on 16 November 2020
Book name :- Finally, I embraced reality...
Book author :- Rakesh Deshpande
Book language :- English
Book page strength :- 160 pages

:- In life we thinks that everyone around us is ours and all are caring and loving to us but actually it often happens that all around you are not really care and love you but they are jst opportunistic and when we get into any serious problem then only few of them are there to help you out ..yaa it's a sad reality of life .

This book " finally , I embraced reality..." Is a piece of realisation and evolution of a human mind in his world to the real World .

The story revolves around main protagonist "ahaan " quite empressive name as like his story.Aahan who is anxious under pressure, insecure, and skeptical due to his past. He follows the ‘live and let live’ rule.

Aahan firmly believes in the ‘you don’t have to worry when you’re with the people you love’ 
It's a good line and we all beleive in it but very very few are lucky enough who really enjoy this line with real , loving and caring people around them without selfishness.

The whole story was written in the first person, which makes it more intriguing. All-around, a thoughtful and pensive tale with intelligent characters and a satisfying plot. The author provides an accurate and sympathetic portrayal of the protagonist's life. I loved the shades of friendship and love the author painted in the book so emotionally yet smooth.

Ahaan has a close frnd Daksh whom I love and care the most.
Daksh has gf Ridhima and daksh made ahaan to meet his gf frnd Tanvi...ahaan likes tanvi and tanvi too but tanvi is in dilemma...what is that dilemma and what stops them to be of each other ! Is all explained very well in the book.

This book shows the importance of love, ups and downs in reality, dilemmas we face in our real life, the reality of people around us , friendship and it's feeling.. overall it's a complete package of all emotions .

Loved reading it..

My ratings 4.5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟
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