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Reviewed in India on 29 March 2018
I bought this book since there is hardly any book or mythological information available on Kartikeya -Mahasenani of Gods.Lots of WOWS by readers convinced me to buy it. With due respect to Ms Anuja's writing talent i found this book repulsive.Reasons are multiple.Usually any historical/mythological author depicts the dramatic situations somewhat loudly but as if the author has actually witnessed it respectfully which makes reading interesting. Usually the relationship or interaction between the characters is written in such a manner that you justify words,action of every character and justify their emotional aspect. Portrayal of Lord Shiva, Parvati et al will make even hardcore ardent atheist reader hate the author. Madam, are we reading Tv serial drama occurring in some cheap families who are hard for resources and cultural upbringing and are shamelessly characterless or reading fictional arguments between the Gods ??.At times you are tempted to offer soft porn too unaware of the situation ??Abundant usage of certain clumsy words which do not fit smugly but confused me forcing to use the dictionary only to find the word misfit and inappropriate. Most important for which Kartikeya came in existence i.e.Killing of the asuras is written in serious philosophical manner which gives impression that even the author was not sure what to express! One place the author speaks highly of the woman species but most of the times derides and write derogatory remarks.Request madam, please do not doubt and insult the sensibility and intellect of the readers.
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