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Reviewed in India on 10 November 2018
I was in a dilemma of whether it'll be at par with the hardcover books. Well... it's a wonderful alternative for hardcover books. Size is comfortable. Readability is good. The font size can be adjusted. Other features which I love:
1) Dictionary/ Wiki/ Thesaurus instantly available for any word or phrase.
2) Highlight texts when required. And can be shared.
3) Bookmarks easily set & searched.
4) PDFs also readable easily.
5) No strain on the eyes.
6) no distractions (best thing... which is not available on other electronic devices I know of)

Some critics told me to buy the paperwhite edition as there would be a backlight to read in the dark. Well.. If I can't read a hardcover in dark, I don't want to read a Kindle as well !!

Lastly... Thanks to Amazon for this lovely product....
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