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Reviewed in India on 4 December 2018
The packaging was really good even for a memory card which one can easily misunderstand for a mobile or similar stuff visuall.
However there are a lot of fake ones available so in order to find out which one is real and which is fake check the sides of the memory card.
The real ones edges will be white in colour while the fake ones have black coloured edges.
Fast data transferring Adapter is include with this card.


1- The read/write speed of the card through the adapter is around 50/25 mbps.
2- The read/write speed of the card through my mobile ZenFone 2 ZE550ML variant with the original cable is around 40/28 mbps well technically it is more than what we get through the original adapter.
3- The card really is water proof since I accidentally dropped a glass of water on it and it was still working fine without any problems.
4-This card is really fast so fast that I have like 40 movies on my mobile(literally and I am not joking) 10 GB of video songs and a few pictures and stuff and even with only 300 MB of free space the memory card never hangs.
5- I usually carry a lot of movies and compressed RAR files I have like roughly 900 files on my memory card right now and I was able to copy around 40 GB of this data using my mobile cable not THROUGH a adapter in 30 minutes give or take 3 minutes from my pc to the card.
6- I copied the same data back to my pc using the same setup and was able to copy them all in comically the same amount of time.
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