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Reviewed in India on 23 October 2019
This is one of the worst books I have ever read. I somehow finished first book hoping that I would get something good from this..I can only laugh that in the book blurb, he is being compared to Dan Brown! Seriously???? I will tell the reasons before any one could rip me apart saying I love American stuffs. So here they are
1. Poor writing skills. The whole book felt like some high school student participating in a story competition. Poor choice of words, sentence structure.
2. Lack of insight. The book was supposed to be a suspense thriller. But felt like half erotic, that too was not justified. Writer didn't conveyed any emotions at all.
3. Plot was about reincarnation and 'godly' humans. Depiction of character, even the main ones was completely out of sense. You are going to literally burn the book if you hear "I am half god, human" in every paragraph.
4. Nothing compared to Dan Brown's books. No edge of seat moments. You can always guess what's going to happen.
5. I am never going to buy any book from this author. He is a successful entrepreneur. Nowadays everyone gotta gimmick that every then and now anyone could write a book and self proclaim to be a national best-selling author in their portfolio. Whoever rated this above 3 stars might be paid to do so.
6. Before you think that I am a paid anti-fan of this author, let's hear my suggestions. I consider these to be some of best works in suspense genre..
1. Before I go to sleep
2. Da Vinci code , Angels and demons (Dan Brown)
3. Girl with dragon tattoo
4. Crooked kingdom / six of crows
5. Pet sematary (S. King)
6. Dracula
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