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Reviewed in India on 28 October 2018
Well, when it comes to "GTA V", words would fall short to describe as to how "Grand" this game is in every way.

There would be thousands of reviews about this game and more coming each day despite this game being 5 years old now. But there's a reason for that which speaks of its "Grand Success" and that is its level of "ambition" with which "GTA Franchise" always emerges and reigns with every title they bring to us.

We are introduced to not one, but "Three Protagonists" i.e. "Michael, Franklin and Trevor".

Each of these characters are unique and have their own special skills and characteristics which brings them together and makes us feel that this game would have been incomplete if the three of them had not crossed their paths with each other and that is one of the most "Important Highlights" of this game.

"Michael" is a "retired" person or should I say, a "Retired Thief" who has a "Dysfunctional Family", despite being settled but still aspires to have something more from his life.

"Franklin" is a "Small-Time" thief and worker who wants to make it "Big" in the city and is fed up of small-time robberies and submission to other people and wants to live life on his own.

"Trevor" is completely a "Terrible Psychopath" or "Sociopath" and a "Demeanor" who simply would go to any lengths. There are no barriers, no obstacles that could come in his way!! He represents the "angst" of "GTA V" and no matter however his character can be criticized, but Rockstar deserves all the kudos for creating a character like Trevor and pulling it off with such aplomb!!

Given these characters, the credit for them simply goes to "Rockstar Games" who have the courage and dedication to make such relatable characters and bringing them to virtual life.. we can live the lives of these characters apart from the "Main Tasks" of "Storyline" which further adds the length of this game. And special mention also goes to the other "Supporting Characters" who held their own firm like "Lester, Lamar, Jimmy, Amanda, Tracey, Ron, Wade" and many more!!

Originally designed for "Last-Gen Consoles"("PS3" and "XBOX 360"), it is "unimaginable" to think how they make these games "Visually Appealing" and "Magnificent" to "Every Console"("PS4", "XBOX ONE" and "PC"). No doubt, the game is one of the biggest and "best-sellers" of all time!!

As far as its performance on "PS4" is concerned, it is simply amazing!! What I found most attractive was the feature of listening the "Phone Conversations" on the "Dualshock 4 Controller's Speaker" and the ability to switch to different "Radio Channels" with the "Touchpad"!! Such a cool feature!!

And the "First-Person Perspective" has its own charm!! And I agree with the fact that "Driving" becomes difficult when playing in "First-Person Mode", but to each his own!! Playing on "First-Person Mode" gives a different feeling which only you can know while playing!!

All I can say is that, with "Red Dead Redemption 2" being the "Best Game" now and taking all the limelight, "GTA V" has its own charm and magnificence which can't be ignored as "Rockstar" is the only benefactor behind these games and it's kind of unfair to compare these games which have been created by the same studio. Both being "Open-World" games, they have a uniqueness to it and it should be equally respected.

All in all, "GTA V" is truly the "Best Game", no two doubts about it and I'm only wondering how it's "Next Part" going to be!!

Keep it up, Rockstar Games!!
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