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Reviewed in India on 22 May 2016
Review by Aarushi, Age 8

This Kate DiCamillo book is truly a winner. Flora and Ulysses is about love, teamwork and companionship. This is one of my all time favourite books. I think all nature lovers should read this book about a squirrel, a girl and their adventures together.

Ulysses and Flora met when Ulysses got stuck up a vacuum cleaner. Mrs. Tickingham, Flora's neighbour, got the vacuum cleaner as a birthday present. She was vacuuming on the grass when she swept Ulysses up. Flora shook the vacuum cleaner and the squirrel fell down with patches of fur missing. Flora thought that the squirrel was dead so she tried giving the squirrel mouth to mouth breathing. It worked and she took the squirrel home. She named the squirrel Ulysses after the name of the vacuum cleaner that swept him up.

One of my favourite adventures is at the giant doughnut store where Ulysses is in a box and Flora makes the mistake of talking to him while Rita takes their orders. Ulysses jumps into Rita's hair. Rita screams in panic and then Ulysses flies out and hits the glass.

Another one of the adventures I like is when Mr. Klaus, the cat attacks Flora's father and bites him on the ear. Ulysses distracts the cat by leaping and pulling on his tail. He lifts the cat into the air and throws him towards the wall.

I recommend this book to children over the age of 6 and adults. Happy Reading !
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