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Reviewed in India on 9 August 2020
I purchased the Cyberpunk 2077 special Edition 2tb version for ₹5399 on prime day sale on August 6. The ETA was 1 week, however, I got the product luckily the next day, exactly 36 hours after ordering. The packaging was slightly tampered at the left edges but the hard drive is intact. The 5tb version remains out of stock for a very long time. In fact the stocks for the 2tb version is also limited.
Initial impressions:

1. Design- 5/5
The material used is plastic but the attention to detail with regards to Cyberpunk 2077 deserves a huge round of applause. The colour of the USB 3.0 cable is simlar to that of the Super HDMI from the CP77 Xbox One X. Even the LED light above the Xbox logo in the front uses a similar colour to the the extra tiny blue light found in the front of the Console, which is inspired from the game. At the back you have the Cyberpunk 2077 logo and the slogan that says "Where's Johnny?".

2. Installation 5/5: I have heard in many posts in internet that it may not connect properly in the front USB of the Console. Hence, I did not take any risk and directly connected it at the back. Xbox detected it immediately and formatted it for games and apps.

3. Storage 4/5: Out of the 2 TB, the usable storage is 1.7 TB. Which is fair enough for storage. I wish the 5 TB version would make sense for storing more games.

4. Value for money 4/5: It is absolute value for money for the price of ₹5399. The MRP at the back of the box says ₹9999 which is obviously an exaggerated number.

1. Reliability 2/5: I have been reading many reviews in the internet that the longevity of Seagate Hard Drives has decreased drastically in the recent past. This is the first time I am using a Seagate. My WD has been working fine for the past 3 years. You still get 3 years limited warranty which I cross checked in the Seagate website.

The only other nitpicking as of now is that there was no Game Pass code with this version or any other Xbox goodies for that matter. The product page also shows no signs of game pass codes either. I am fine with it. But wanted to let you know.

I am still testing the drive and will update the loading speeds and functions later. Richard Leadbetter from Digital Foundry has a video on this drive regarding the speeds.
Initial rating: 5/5
Thank you for reading. Hope you found it helpful. Have great day.
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