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Reviewed in India on 1 November 2019
The description and several reviews of this items given here are misleading. I bought it because its description said "It is fully Functional With All The tuning keys and playable". But actually It is NEITHER PLAYABLE NOR FUNCTIONAL since the action (the gap between the strings and the fingerboard) are so high that even adults cannot press down the strings without possibly bending or breaking the guitar's body or neck. Its sound is not good unlike as claimed. Whatever notes you can produce by forcibly pressing down the string are also inaccurate as the frets themselves are not accurately placed. Because the frets are so inaccurate, one cannot tune all the 6 strings also i.e. even if you start tuning from the 6th string with very low audible note then will have to tighten the 1st string so hard that you will end up either breaking the string itself or pulling the whole bridge off! The guitar's colour shown is also different than what you get, at least in my case. Even if it was meant to be a toy for kids, had the action of the strings been normal and not so ridiculously high then the kids could be taught to play at least a few simple major and minor chords. For a toy costing Rs.1k, it is fair to expect some functionality. It should be described and sold as a dummy toy guitar for kids or a decoration piece at best and not as a fully functional and playable guitar for kids.
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