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Reviewed in India on 16 April 2019
For all readers - whether you know something about Steve Jobs or Apple or not or hate/love their products (my disclaimer - I use all his products and love them for their simplicity and easy to use features).

The book is divided in two parts - Page 1 to 300 covers Steve's early life, battles, tantrums, courting & appointment of Sculley, Steve being removed, and joining Pixar. This is all rather drab and widely available information in print & web so nothing new. Its slow going and I kept the book down several times as the slow pace wore me out.

However, page 300 onward when Steve returns to Apple is when the book makes up for the first half. A - we understand the motivation for the 'i' series of products, B - we understand his need for simplicity, and C - we understand his micro managing every function to the nth degree. Steve drew his inspiration from several sources and all of them converged on the customer as the focal point. Simplicity came from purity or his definition of practical issues that a customer would face and how to solve them. Micro management is important and some people may say its a bad thing however when your vision runs several years ahead, you have to micro manage to get the best out of people and also for them to realize that they can achieve it. It's part of the process to make things better for everyone.

Apple is a great consumer product company and despite the naysayers, it has been built to last. The innovativeness that people predicted will die with Steve just has not happened and nor will it ever as long as the culture of innovation continues at Apple. 3M had an innovative culture and when James McNerney brought in processes to manage innovation, 3M became a laggard. Once the CEO changed and the innovation culture was reignited, 3M is back and doing extremely well. Same is the case with Apple.

They will continue with Innovation, Simplicity, Customer Delight, and make products that create a burning desire to own them.
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