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Reviewed in India on 21 May 2019
The oddly satisfying iPad and this is my first Apple product... This iPad is simply amazing... I bought it before a month... The edges are well protected and it's build quality is also good... Let's talk about pros and cons
1) Processor: A12 bionic embedded with M12 co processor... The line itself makes everyone feel amazing because one of the fastest processors in the world and because of its nueral engine the optimization is superb and never experienced any problem.
2)Battery life: If you are a gamer don't get so disappointed because for gaming it lasts upto 7hours of continuous gaming... And for normal users you can expect the battery life for 1 to 3 days depending upon your usage...
3) Display: being a 226ppi retina display it is simply magnificent... Your eyes won't get damaged no need to worry at that point ... And thanks to it p3 wide colour gamut.
4) Weight and Design: The interesting thing is it weighs only 456 grams no other mobile iPad feels this light. You won't get the feel of holding a large brick in your hand, you will like you are holding a thin 6.1mm paper.
5) Camera: Compared to the latest 48 MP mobiles and tablets, this iPad rocks in day light. Both front and back are nice and performing well
1) Charger: The power brick provided in the box to charge the iPad is somewhat disappointing... It's getting heat easily...
2) Cable: Lighting cable is the unsatisfying thing and the quality of the cable is also somewhat disappointing... If it would have type c it would be a beast...

That's it. It's a wonderful product compared to everything...
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