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4 December 2018
I was used to using the traditional cotton cloth for all my cleaning needs but that entailed inefficient work. When I came to know about the microfiber cloth and its advanced utility in cleaning I was straight away looking for it on Amazon. I was confused between the SOFTSPUN Microfiber Cloth(Pack of 5) and this AmazonBasics product. Although both had good reviews but SOFTSPUN's was a bit better. The crucial point which compelled me to go for the AmazonBasics one was its excellent pricing. The SOFTSPUN cloth came at ₹60 a piece and the AmazonBasics cloth came at ₹24 a piece. The only difference between the two was their grams per square metre (GSM) which is an indicator of the quality of a cloth. While the GSM of the SOFTSPUN cloth was 340 that of the AmazonBasics one was 222. Considering the major difference in price at which both the brands come at, I thought an extra GSM of 120 for ₹35 a piece is not smart at all. Also, the AmazonBasics cloth compensates that by offering a lot more pieces which can be used if we assume that it spoils quickly as compared to the higher GSM SOFTSPUN cloth( The pictures that I have uploaded are of a cloth that I have used and washed innumerable times but still it works the same way and even it's color is intact). In fact it is akward to talk about the quality of a cloth which we are going to use for cleaning. At the end of the day it is the number which matters while buying cleaning cloths since different cleaning needs require a new cloth which is being fulfilled by the AmazinBasics cloth and not the SOFTSPUN cloth. As far as the efficiency of the cloth is concerned, I cannot compare SOFTSPUN and AmazonBasics since I have not used the earier one but I can definitely say that the latter one is more than good to accomplish all your cleaning requirements. It is excellent both for wet and dry purposes. Sometimes it feels magical that a cloth is working like a vacuum cleaner since it simply eats all the dust( lightly wet the cloth before wiping dust).
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