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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 12 March 2020
Till date, almost 57 years of age now, without a Guru, but feels like I have found NOW, though yet to meet him in person. This wisdom shared in Kundalini book is something no one would ever do share.
Each day, feels like a dear elder of our home, who wakes us up with caring warmth and gently reminds us to acknowledge our own inner Divine being.
2 years down the line just scrolling YouTube for some spiritual guidance I happened to hear Sri Om Swami Ji, and only one thought came to my mind , just listening and seeing his Tejas ( the bright Light on his face , his complete aura) that he is the living Buddha of our times.
I have always had no interest in reading the scriptures or delving too deep into the subject dealing with my learning and if at all I did, I would end up getting bored with the subject in all. With good 25 years of my being into healing as a therapist, having spend good 12 years in holy place like Rishikesh, travelled far and wide, meeting spiritual teachers and friends, nothing fascinated me. Many of them were so cocooned in their created world, would make a great deal on kundalini, half heartedly touch the subject and leave it unattended till some random next time, never a follow up, for all they cared and needed was followers by the end of the day, which was most uncomfortable for me as a being to get into. Sadhna can never ever be part of a cult or condition, and we as Sadhaks have to realise, that true knowledge, true wisdom never traps us. I have never felt this free, and easy after having read Sri Om Swamiji’s books on wisdom. He brings back life into the commonest and the highest of the souls. There is no hierarchy, to the sharing.
There is this deep down quest that our soul craves for, rituals, information is way too much out in this world , it weighs you down, so much so, one life would not be sufficient enough to imbibe it, but pure simple wisdom is difficult to find, which actually is our core. This book by Sri Om Swamiji is a boon for all the beginners and serious seekers on the path. Simplified to the core, A book of pure wisdom on the subject, where one could be spending thousands of rupees or dollars to attain this pure knowledge and insight, extracted from times eternal of great Seers and with Om Swamiji’s own inner experiences. This is not a book but an enlightened path to walk, in true effort with the guidance so well put up, by Swamiji. Feel blessed to be born in a country of Siddhas and Saints who shower their highest wisdom, so unconditional . My humble Pranaams and in gratitude to a Master of our times, Sri Om Swami Ji. Dhanya Ho Aap🙏🕉 and thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being their for Humanity in totality🙏🕉🌺Guru Krupa🕉🙏
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