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Reviewed in India on 7 February 2021
Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book is a massive eye-opener on some aspects that have become a part of our daily life. Among various things, this book highlights the continuous data mining that is being done through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Amazon app etc. Every post and every cyber-activity of ours is being noted and mined. Future suggestions on new purchases are being made based on our browsing history and our email contents.

This AI book by Rajiv Malhotra emphasizes the sinister aspects involved in data mining and how our social and political views are being conveyed to a multinational outside our country. Every like, every retweet, and every sharing of a Whatsapp message tells an outside entity more and more about us. This information is already being used in suggesting new books to read or new items to purchase. Now, this information will be used (in fact, as Rajiv says in this book, it is already being done) to modify our socio-political thought process. The information collected from us can then be utilized to send customized political messages to us. We might see posts that subtly sway our opinion; we might see facts that will create doubt on our existing beliefs.

So, AI is going to be significantly used to create more strife in India – as such, it is going to be the latest weapon for Breaking-India forces – something that Rajiv Malhotra had highlighted way back in his previous bestseller, “Breaking India.”

Recent US elections showed that Twitter challenged the world’s most powerful person – The then US President and modified or stopped his tweets. In this book, Rajiv Malhotra explains (and, if I may say predict) how this narrative control will be done in future Indian elections also.

The book points out that the real power struggle between the US and China is not on some peripheral issues – it is on technology control.

Rajiv Malhotra, true to his style, is candid and points out that India has missed out on understanding AI as a disruptive tool and a warfare technology at an institutional level. The book also points out that for all of our “pride” in our software industry, we are essentially technology consumers. None of the prominent Indian companies is making any serious investment in AI. They are engaged at the low-end BPO or support job
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