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Reviewed in India on 5 October 2018
(I voluntarily reviewed a physical copy of the book for For The Love of Fictional Worlds)

USBorbne YA has been my go to publisher for fantastic middle grade fiction fix – The Train to Impossible Places is another addition to some amazing middle grade fiction I have already read from this wonderful publishers.

This beautifully illustrated book is about Suzy – a young girl on the cusp of young adulthood wherein she is slowly starting to realize that her love for Physics is getting her odd looks from her classmates. But still she is a wonderful character to get to know – curious, caring, loyal and definitely intelligent. She loves solving puzzles using the science of physics; because everything, and I do mean everything makes sense with Physics.  

But when things start to not make sense – like a train running through her own living room – she does what any curious, adventure filled girl would do, she jumps on the train to find out new places, especially considering her loveable Physics is failing to explain what she is experiencing and seeing herself.

I loved this adventure filled fantasy book – it is also entertaining and wonderful. I love that the author has done a brilliant job of creating a world that incorporates our reality and its understanding into the themes within the story. Not only that, Suzy is a character who is bold, intelligent, sure of herself and shows a strength of character that I know will be a good ideal for kids starting to come into themselves.  

Plus, can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this book naked – the hardcover is brilliantly illustrated and it is honestly one of the most beautiful books that has ever graced my bookshelves – I am gonna get biased and give this beauty extra stars just for that gorgeous cover!
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