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Reviewed in India on 3 May 2019
I got this at dirt cheap discount. It's an old CoD game and there isn't any hassle in playing it. You can play it directly from the disc itself and no need for downloading any heavy updates. The game follows a linear storyline where you must complete several missions. I felt that sometimes the missions felt disconnected by which I mean, that once you complete a particular mission, say in the Jungle, the next mission you will be in space fighting with your foes but the objective is pretty direct which is to stop the enemy from using a weapon of mass destruction. It's a good introductory game for the CoD series. If you want to pass your time for many hours, then get this. I can't vouch for the replayability or replay value, as you will get thoroughly bored after you complete all the missions. The double player mode is nauseating as the screen gets split horizontally and those unfamiliar to such screen splits will be left wondering which character you are controlling at times.

Anyways it's a good addition to my collection and to get it at such big discount is a real steal.
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