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Reviewed in India on 24 July 2016
Calaena has won the competition and now is the King's Champion but she is far away from being loyal to the throne.

The book takes off from Calaena's assignment to assasinate some noble lord.
Through out the book she tries to prove her loyalty to the king while playing a very dangerous game.

Relationships are formed and broken and there's betrayel annd loved one's are lost and so many secrets kept.Only to keep the one she loves safe.

The friendship potrayed between Princess Nehemia and her is one of a kind.Two powerful kickass ladies bonded so strongly, what can be better than that.

As the dark power looms and Calaena discovers secrets one after the another,everything threatening to destroy her ever so little hope of the world that once had been,the world she dared to hope would rise again.

Dorian,Chaol,Calaena..all of them find out the truths either about themselves or the one they cannot imagine to lose.They all are playing a very dangerous game.One little hint to the King and everything will crumble to pieces.

This book was such an enjoyable read.Each and every sentence writen in this book had a purpose to serve.So many twists and turns and it did manage to surprise me at times so i am highly impressed.
Sarah j Mass is my favourite author and her books my favourite stories and the characters in favourite people.. not all but most of them.I never related to any of the characters of any other books(even though i loved those book) like i do with characters that Sarah writes.
I wish none of her series ever end.

I am so glad i picked up TOG.
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