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Reviewed in India on 6 October 2018
The Masks by Saurabh mukherjee

The masks is another short story in the series by Saurabh mukherjee, the cover has a mask,which goes with the title and is in sync with the story, its beautiful how masks are taken as a symbol of multiple lives people are living and how differenr roles are potrayed by the characters of the story. Therefore I can say that Title and cover are properly in sync with the story plot.

The story is short but hits one of the famous accord of a person's life that is going to be there buisness as well as there personal life, buisness life because how many people are compromising and making a mockery of ethics by going in an unethical way of doing buisness, and how sometimes help is taken from every source to make there own name in this corporate world. The family thing that comes in one mind is at the end of the day, no matter how much money you have what matters is the time you are spending with the people, also it becomes important in that reference that we often in the race of making money, forget spending time with people who are waiting for us and because of that we are not able to enjoy and maybe even before we realise we have lost that person, because of there never ending comfort in loneliness etc.

Characters of the story are dping there own job which is different, while Arjit is focussed on building the empire of buisness and everyone is happy with him on the workfront, there are so many things that he has missed like,on the family part, he has not paid the required amount of time and attention and that is where he is lacking. And because of that his wife has taken steps towards something else and its going on a different way and path and maybe she should have also talked with him about the problem.

The book reflects a corporate society and how ambitions and aspirations are clearly killing the family aroma and feelings that are valued in our indian society and is often taken as a backbone of the society, i liked reading this book because it highlights a lot of emotions and issues and also lights upon certain consequences that can be felt in future that is kept in front of us.

Title and cover 4/5
Plot 5/5
Characters 4/5
Total 4/5
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