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14 February 2019
Firstly the book was in a good condition. Thanks to amazon for the safe delivery.

For me many things were understood.
I'm mentioning just a few here.

The book is in two parts, the first is more of theory about Sadhguru himself, what well-being is, what responsibility is and what it is not, and what yoga is. Through these chapters many concepts are broken down and redefined for me. This part of the book sets the foundation for the second half of the book - the more practical aspect.

In the second half, Sadhguru explains the body, mind, our energy in fair amount of detail, but in a simple and witty manner, I was just flowing with it!

What struck me most was how we as humans have focused so much on our discerning intellect (which divide, categorizes, and dissects), that it's expression is found in the way we as a society discriminate, divide, and dissect almost everything; the most painful one according to me being the division of people into various groups which are then discriminated against.

In this second half, Sadhguru gives us many Sadhanas (or tools or practices) that we can do. Even if we choose one of these and practise in a consistent manner, it will be very beneficial for one's well-being.

Finally, the line which summarizes Sadhguru's message, according to me is this: "Yoga is not about being superhuman; it's about realizing that being human is super". This beautiful sentence encapsulates the message what we as healers do our best to spread among all that we come across.

I highly recommend this book to you all, it is a very good primer to start your journey of going within.

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