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28 July 2017
Once upon time, somewhere around the 1980s there was a child who was fascinated with books. These things smelt great and had all sorts of tiny shapes arranged in neat rows. The childed opened several of these. Some had pictures and colours and some just had unending rows of these tiny shapes and some had both.

The child knew, even at that young age, that behind these tiny figures and shapes were secrets that were waiting to be unlocked and these things called books were precious because the parents were so careful with them.

A few years later, the child realised that these shapes were called letters and adding these letters gave words and adding these words gave sentences. When the child could finally unlock sentences that were long enough, the child got hold of three books that talked about a forest with trees that talked and clouds that held strange lands. The child was in love with these books and the stories they held and the memories they created.

Even now, the child still has the books, and recommends these books to parents of 6 to 8 year olds that who want to get their children hooked to reading. Except the child is now well into the 30s. But then, age is just a number. Once you open the pages of these books, no matter what number your age is, you travel back in time when you ran around trees, and felt grass between your toes and the enjoyed the anticipation of summer vacations and homemade sherbets.
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