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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 17 July 2022
The book The Imperfect Deception: A Slow Burn Second Chance Romance by Shalini Ranjan.

The story is completely approximately a mid aged girl shivani, who changed into cheated by means of her husband, that is why she left him and moved to Delhi. She did all she may want to because chandan threatened her that he could take their son returned.

When Avinash, CEO of Origami Designs meets Shivani, undertaking head at Panache, he feels a connection with her, but Shivani could not be more repulsed via the person. She constantly avoids him for motives unknown to every person however her. Avinash who was used to having ladies throw themselves at him finds it fascinating whilst Shivani rejects him.

The story has essentially three couples and the alternative two also have the first-rate tale to tell, perhaps we may additionally get their tale also pretty soon.

The tale is little gradual at the start, it takes time to get hooked to it because of many stuff taking place around simultaneously and getting a grip will no longer be smooth but onse it is executed the tale has splendid plot.

Happy Reading!
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