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Reviewed in India on 28 June 2021
Before beginning my feedback, i want to say this loud that Brahmins/Pandits were just 5% in population in India according to 2007 & now it must have been reduced to 3% whereas the minorities declared by Government are around 15% in India.
Hence the alligations put up by a leader in 7th Chapter was something very hurtful & could have been avoided completely to take care of the readers.

The story is good & indeed political thriller.
Interrogation is very ugly especially when one is a suspect.
Also sometimes Police seem to be very rude & disrespectful.
The story isn't just concentrated on the main role Ashraf.
But has also given equal importantace to the Priyali is something that I liked.
It seemed like a Treasure hunt game.
The political environment & how insensitive Media is & how low the leaders can stoop down can be seen here.
It's a pack of reality being offered to the readers.
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4.3 out of 5
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