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Reviewed in India on 6 October 2019
After reading a lot of geeky reviews on YouTube and portals, I bought Oneplus7t. Pls, note I have been using OnePlus from last many years now so my expectations were clear. My experience with the device says that most of the reviews or unboxing things are influenced. Pls, note I have bought it with my own money unlike leading reviewers or unboxing video geeks who get it for free. So pls don't go by them blindly. Go for users reviews who bought them with their own money. So I am writing my 5 days experience with the phone.
I am not a gamer or a geek. A regular user who wants to do all the office work on the phone, social media, blogging and vlogging, etc.
The last OnePlus phone I was using was Oneplus 5 and was quite happy with it until it screen got broken and replacement cost was higher than the selling price of the device itself.

The day it arrived from Amazon I opened it with a lot of excitement which continued till I have held it in my hands.
Here are the issues:
1. Weight: It weighed too much I felt like holding a brick. And it is thick. When I hold it in one hand for a few minutes I get a deep red pit in my hand (due to blood circulation).
2. Camera: Then I had to go for a conference there I tried clicking pictures. Picture quality did not come out well. Still, I thought it may be light or background because of my previous experiences I could not believe it to be not good. So I continued clicking pictures which really missed detailing. As you zoom in it will make it blurred. I have clicked a magazine cover picture with my Oneplus 5 which had only 16 MP camera but pic quality was natural and good. It clicks blur pics may it has to do with image Stabilization.
3. Battery: Battery is avg. All those time I teased my iPhone or Samsung Series colleagues and friends for their battery life. Welcome to the league. This offers an avg battery life. I never carried a charger with me in previous models if I Start with 90% even after two years. But here I have to carry it even for the average usage. I m wondering what would be this phone battery life in a year or more.
4. 90 Hz refresh rate is a gimmick to sell this device. It will give you fluid experience but the soon it consumes battery you will always prefer to keep it to 60hz which is an option given in the display settings. If you always stick to a desk or have a power source around you can keep it to 90hz. Not for people who are on the move most of the time. Don't fall for it.
5. Sound: It's average. Phone calls are not crisp and clear. At times the caller's voice gets hazy and husky. Voice is even audible to person the person sitting next to me. Even on lower volumes. Speakers volume is loud but the sound quality is not good.
6. No premium-feeling anymore. With multiple variants, it has joined the league of Samsung, Mi, Oppo, Vivo. Now they are launching 7t pro on Oct 10 again it is a disappointment for those who bought 7t on day 1. Maybe their R&D or trials have some problem here that in every two months they are launching a new device with an update to the previous faults. Like OnePlus 7 has voice receiver on one side which is right. So if you take calls or hear the phone from left you won't get a clear voice or volume. So they added receivers on both the side in this device.

I am still not getting why I have spent Rs 40,000 on it. No camera quality, no battery life, no sound quality on calls, getting wounds on holding it for long.

I have always recommended OnePlus devices to everyone around and had high hopes and trust on the brand that I bought it on the day of the launch but with this experience, I won't recommend OnePlus 7t to my colleagues and friends who are planning to upgrade their devices.
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