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Reviewed in India on 5 February 2021
Book Title: Brand New Start: Fast-Start Your Career with the Power of Personal Branding
Author: Mainak Dhar
Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
The words brand is never only confined to a product or a service but also a personality. We often hear this word augmented to an individual's name. When someone does something very striking and spectacular, making the individual unique the word 'brand' comes into the picture.

In this connection, author Mainak Dhar whose fiction books I am familiar with has brought out this book which talks about the importance of ' personal branding' to cope with this competitive and digital world.

What to expect from the book?
Publicity and marketing is the most important aspect of any product or service to attract and gather a customer base. This process is universal for any profession and every talent. For example, if a writer capable of creating wonderful stories doesn't take steps to tell the world about their work, no one will know. For this, just marketing and publicity in a conventional manner is not sufficient. There is a pressure and compulsion to follow the trend and then decide how to market and publicise, similarly, for every other profession and service. To do this, the individual must be aware of how to push himself\herself into the competition. This process will be easier once a ' brand' is created. Therefore, in this book, the author has given practical experiences and realistic situations to inculcate ' personal branding.'

Who can read?
This book is for everyone who wants to impact their lives and stand ahead in the competition. The word personal branding is equivalent to self-awareness and self-potential. This book is for students, youngsters, people looking for inspiration in profession and business and so. The language and the grammar used is simple and engaging.

How good is the author's writing style?
Author Mainak has poured in all his career and experience with honesty in this book. The ADDA model he described in the book is quite amazing and effective. With many takeaways, the author has given his readers a good book to enhance e their personalities.

Final Verdict
A good starter book that emphasizes on personal branding and its importance.

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