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Reviewed in India on 22 October 2020
I am finding it really hard to put into words my reaction to this book. It started off well. I liked the imagery of convenience store the author created. I do like convenience stores and find them calming. Keiko didn't fit anywhere in her life but found her dream job as a convenience store woman. The book focuses on how Keiko is different and doesn't have the same dreams as people around her. It's looks for a while that the author wants to create a character who is her own person and doesn't care about expectations that her family and friends have. But Keiko clearly has some form of disorder although not explicitly mentioned in the book. She copies people, has thoughts of harming people, lives in an bug infested apartment (but makes sure the store is clean) and doesn't even enjoy food and eats only to be able to work! And suddenly this book is not about feminism or non conformity in a traditional Japanese society. It's confusing and disturbing. I also found it weird that none of her family or friends decided that she needs to see a doctor. The author has a good writing style and the book could have been better. But the book was definitely not funny for me. And I just couldn't see what message the author wants to put across.
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