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Reviewed in India on 2 March 2019
This is a review for both Kindle device & Kindle (mobile) app. Both of them are equally good and in comparison to each other ; both have their own pros & cons . Let me explain it pointwise .
(1) Kindle app is free and perform almost similar to Kindle device .
(2) You can't read Kindle (basic) reader in room with lights switched off but you can read on Kindle mobile app . But Mobile screen light put strain on your eyes and you cannot read for long .
(3) You cannot read Kindle mobile app in bright sunlight as most mobile screens give glare problem . But on kindle device you may read effortlessly just as you read a paper book sitting in park . Kindle device printing gives feeling of physical book . Honestly , I used to prefer reading books while holding their physical version in my hand . Like many other readers , I was of opinion that book pages have their own fragrance which e books lack . But believe me , if you are ready to leave that page fragrance feeling , Kindle is JUST LIKE A PHYSICAL BOOK . Device put No strain on your eyes . Font size is adjustable as per your comfort So that you may read lengthy novels ( like Fountainhead ) with small prints .
(4) And now , the BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of Kindle !!! And that is SPACE or COMPACTNESS . Let's be practical !! If you have 50-100 physical books , you need significant space in your house . Plus books condition deteriorate with time . But in Kindle , you may store more than 500 books at a single time . And that too for a long long period .
(5) Now out of its various models ! Which Kindle device you should buy . Then I must say GO FOR BASIC VERSION ( ₹5000-6000 Device ) . There is no point in spending more than ₹10000 on a book reader when mainstream large screen mobile phones are available in this range . But again KINDLE is KINDLE . Mobile cannot give you a book reading experience as pleasant as Kindle .
I explained you all the necessary consideration points while purchasing . But In conclusion , I must say , basic Kindle device is WORTH ITS PRICE !! Give it a chance if you are an avid reader ( reading 10 or more books a year ) . It will enhance your book reading experience . Go for it !!!
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