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Reviewed in India on 22 May 2019
This is my 10th Seagate HDD purchase. I really love seagate external hard drives. I have 1 TB, 1.5 TB and 2 TB. A few days ago, when i saw this new model edition and i thought of giving it try. I liked the design but the problem is its in ''exFAT'' system format. Usually, most of the drive will be in NTFS which is quite user friendly. But this ''exFAT'' has biggest problem with transfer speed. So, i have to format to NTFS and now, transfer speed is good. So, as of now, its better to go for older model than new one. Because full formatting takes hours and it just painful and consumes time. Yes, you can go for quick format but full format identifies bad sectors and it literally completes formatting procedure.

Of course, ''exFAT'' is advance file system of FAT32. And also it detected with Sony LED TV. But the problem is transfer speed. And also i read the file system formats in Seagate website, especially about ''exFAT'' file system, kindly see below:

"exFAT: generally compatible with Mac and Windows. exFAT is not a journaled file system which means it can be more susceptible to data corruption when errors occur or the drive is not disconnected properly from the computer''

This is not user friendly but you have to format it to NTFS to make it as user friendly. Therefore, i leave it up to you, guys! and its your call for going for this new edition of Seagate.
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