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Reviewed in India on 10 March 2019
This lovely , light, sturdy, fast and multi function camera is a real joy to use and even though not pocketable i was delighted to have it compared to the DSLR i had to carry around on my trips. I am a bit clumsy and i tend to drop things but the camera held on even after dropping it twice on a hard floor.

I haven't really used it to its full potential just yet and stuck to the Auto mode mostly plus occasionally used other modes on the dial to test its capability. I must say the Auto mode itself is quite impressive and pictures come out great during the day but i must emphasize that night photography is its alma mater. It even beats my Dslr (6 year old fujifilm) in night shots. I just loved it and it made me confidently flick open my camera every time i wanted to capture night scenes. Its quite fast and the moments can be captured without it passing away before you could get it on film.

Loved the nice big touch screen which can be turned towards you to take some good selfies. It can be touched to focus on a particular object but its not the best at that really.

The video is super stable although sound comes out very puny in videos which is kinda disappointing. A few mins of vid on the highest quality does take a big chunk of memory as you'd expect.

Now the focusing is something i didnt quite like as it does take some time to focus and when it does, it fails to capture what you want and is quite timid.

The flash was quite irritating as flipping it open in auto mode wouldnt let the flash work so you had to change the mode on the dial for it to actually function.

All in all, a very good camera if you wana let go of the heavy and chunky DSLR's and replace it with an almost equally capable camera, for let's say a long day of sightseeing or a bit of a bike where carrying heavy loads isnt the best. Also i would always prefer this for night photography over my Dslr.
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