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Reviewed in India on 7 June 2020
I was bawling my eyes out at middle of the night... it is what it says they both die but that's not what the book is about really it showed what they did while they were still alive.
I feel like people give up easily on 'living their lives' cause everything is going to end someday, and we take it for granted that we are still very much alive.
Adam Silvera did a good job showing how different people perceived life, for instance Rufus' parents and sister: they gave up on even trying to get out of car, maybe cause they knew it would all be pointless and Rufus was the only hope.
Deirdre Clayton(the virtual adventure lady who sat near the entrance): she didn't die cause she found hope from those two boys who were still living.
Delilah: She didn't accept death even though it was right in front of her, that's what kept her moving and not giving up when she has 2 otherwise fatal accidents. (That got me thinking she did not accept victor too cause she knew that will be the end of her career hence her life and maybe she died when she met victor cause he is her death)
The gang with no name: their life will be dead even when they are not physically dead. If they change to be a better people their life wouldn't be so dead.
And ofcourse Mateo and Rufus: Rufus found hope in the last friend app and Mateo found hope from Rufus. If they didn't meet each other they would have probably died in the same place: Mateo in his house without ever doing anything and Rufus while crossing the road looking down at his phone waiting for Aimee.

All this got me thinking why Death-Cast did not tell the exact time of death when they could say the end day (ready?): cause they simply dont know. Death is inevitable but it all depends on the person's will to live. If we convert that one day into our lifespan; we all are part of the Death-cast cause we know we all are gonna die (we get the call the moment we are born) and few of us dont realize that it's pointless worrying about death itself cause it will come for sure. What we need to think about is that what are we going to do with the live we have. Cause we can do anything in one day ANYTHING. Yesterday I spent my day reading this book which I'm very grateful of, today I could be doing something I love, heck could, would, should've are too big words to use in this short life.

Now I feel good (sorry this review was more like a life reflection for me)
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