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15 July 2019
This circular polariser from amazonbasics is really value for money. No matter whether you're a beginner, an intermediate or a pro, this CPL is sure to impress you. This is a pretty entry level CPL but works very efficiently. Moreover, if you're into shooting more of natural beauty, you must put it on your lens, while shooting on a sunny day. This effectively reduces the glare from shiny surfaces and also improves the colour tone.

Here are some pros and cons.
1. Reduces glare from shiny and/or metallic surfaces.
2. Improves colour tone.
3. Shots rarely get over-exposed while using it.
4. Good for capturing the depth of rivers, texture of leaves and blues of the sky.

1. It reduces the f-stop value by about f1.5, so if you can't balance the settings accordingly, your shots may get underexposed.
2. Generally if you take a polariser and rotate it in free hand, it turns dark on rotating it by 90 degrees and returns to its original state on rotating further 90 degrees (as I used to do in my optics lab). But this polariser didn't repond to such tests, though it does the work when attached to the lens and viewed from the viewfinder.

Tips for usage:
If you are shooting directly in the direction of the light or diametrically opposite from it, no need to demount the CPL. Instead, you can rotate it by some degrees (yes, after attaching to the lens, a free ring that is attached to the mounting ring lets you freely rotate the CPL) to attain the required amount of light pass through it.
The polariser works best when the object is perpendicular to the source of light. You may YouTube how to use this thing. There are plenty of good informative videos.

Now there may arise some questions regarding that, should you really buy this?
For that case, I just wanna say that, when I unboxed this, I took some couple of shots quickly to test it's effectiveness. I'm attaching some of those with the review, so that the readers may judge by themselves and infer some conclusions from it. If you ask me, I shall say since this isn't too costly a filter, you may spend some 500 bucks for this amazing tool. Rest you decide. :)

Happy clicking, and if you find this useful, give a thumbs up!

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