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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 19 January 2021
This is one of my favourite book till now. After reading this book I was swooning after "Raghav and saanvi" 💓💓💓💓. It was the love after marriage book. The love between them happens in an slow and steady pace. Though it's a short book the love was gradually blossom between both of them.

Saanvi agree to marry the groom chosen by her uncle. She doesn't have her own family so she considers them as her own but was betrayed by them. Yet in her marriage day she was saved by an stranger and she was not in a good condition to know the person who he was. So when he seeks her permission to marry she accepts it.

Raghav is an rich, businessman. His family was in-dept to saanvi's mother. So due to emergency and to save saanvi's dignity from the current situation raagav offer's to marry her.

The book get interesting after their marriage. The scene happening between them was sooo good to read. Whenever I read this book I forget it was a story. The book show how an handsome stranger become her unexpected husband, saviour, friend, and lover.

It's an very happily ever after story Which is swoon worthy. After reading this book one will fall in love with raagav an decent, immaculate gentle man and saanvi an lovely and kind innocent girl.
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