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Reviewed in India on 18 September 2018
Carmine Gallo’s book Talk Like TED is not only targeted at people who are public speakers or training coaches. It is also for the presenters, teachers or anyone who wants to deliver something to a crowd.
It is tricky to talk about the book and pass a verdict. The book would be helpful for many across levels. It might be a skimming through the notes if you are a public speaker and already know the nuances of speaking. It may be a guide for someone who has delivered few presentations but wants to deliver an impactful one or someone who is so terrified of speaking that he wants to cover all corners before landing the arena. The book does not provide new approaches or tips and tricks. But I believe that is not the essence of every self-help book. Sometimes the iteration helps us in revisiting the obvious things which we miss while doing something. The book highlights the need to be creative with your script. The persistence and preparation. The power of images, videos, humour over the bullet points. The art of saying in a few words. And how your personality should reflect in your presentation. With the list of suggestions, the book also provides an exhaustive list of TED talks from which you can correlate the art of presentation. Most of the time we hear TED talks understanding the speakers’ point of view but after reading this book, the TED talks will help you in understanding how each of the speakers’ delivered their talks. What are the nuances they followed? How they said it through pictures, humour, fear, videos or practical props. Whether you are going to present on a stage like TED or not, learning the art of communication is something which everyone should learn. So for the love of learning, this book can be a starter guide.
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