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19 February 2019
Summary: Nearly a must have for any amateur camera or video recording work
The great:
1) No less than 10 kinds of adjustments
2) Can sit at just over a foot height and can go upto 4.5 feet
3) Easy to carry: The bag to carry is very good and the tripod itself shrinks to a carryable size to carry in the bag
4) Must have for youtubers. The stability it provides is very good for youtube videos.
5) Quality: The quality of material is simply exceptional. I could drop it from about 5 feet height and it wont' break (not tried, but it feels that sturdy)
The good:
1) Has level meter: But only for right left. Wish it had for front back also!
The not-so-good:
1) No Universal Holder: If you plan to shoot video with mobile, you need a universal mobile holder bought separately.
Who is it for:
1) If you are buying a video camera just go ahead and buy a tripod already.
2) If you do any kind of video work, even on mobile phone use a tripod. Without tripod, the videos will be very jittery due to movement, even if you (or cameraman) have a very stable hand
3) Photos: Needed only for photos that have long exposure (for example in the night). Or for long distance shots. In both of these cases a small movement in your hand will lead to blurry photos.
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