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28 July 2018
The book revolves around Julian mantle, a successful lawyer deep down an unhappy, confused, stressed person filled with pain who suffered a heart attack while he was arguing the Air Atlantic case and after he got discharged from the hospital he suddenly disappeared. His friend John who was also a lawyer went to meet him many times but Julian never met him and after few years someone was there to meet John “a mysterious visitor” who was no one other than Julian mantle with a miraculous transformation and from there started the story of Julian mantle’s transformation which includes “His visit to India, meeting Yogi krishnan who had given him the direction to find the sages, then comes his meeting with Yogi raman (leader of the sages of sivana and his mentor) and from here starts the wisdom of personal change through a small story which has thousands of lessons in it.
Well, you will find a story in this book which is building block of our life, you will be mesmerised reading that. It is one of the main story which was told by Yogi raman to Julian while he was there in sivana learning and growing and this story is the masterpiece of this book. Actually, the book is all about that particular story so I won’t tell much.
And John here in the book plays the character who listens to Julian narrating and asks him questions about the journey and about what he learns from the voyage. And that will be more clear to you when you will read this book.
It has 13 Chapters starting with “The wake up call, The mysterious visitor, The miraculous transformation of Julian Mantle, A magical meeting with the sages of sivana, A spiritual student of the sages, The wisdom of personal change, A most Extraordinary garden, Kindling your inner fire, The ancient art of Self-leadership, The power of discipline, Your most precious commodity, The ultimate purpose of life, The timeless secret of lifelong happiness.
All these chapters are so beautifully penned down that while reading I felt that Julian is narrating his journey, sitting right in front of me.
This book has everything which will make you inspired to fulfil all your dreams.
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