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Reviewed in India on 2 November 2017
Six of Crows is a sprawling tale of adventure, fantasy, and most surprising of all emotional drama. I never expected this book to get me so attached to the characters. I think that's the book's greatest strong point, the characters.

Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan are all extremely well developed characters. Each with their own complex history and conflicts. When you put such amazingly realistic and empathetic characters in a fantastic world, you know that your story will be a success. It's no surprise the hype and furor surrounding this book. Bardugo deserves every bit of it.

Ketterdam and Fjerda are the two main locations and each of them have a distinctive atmosphere of their own. The languages remind me a lot of German, as the names also do. I didn't completely understand the different types of magic in this world, and that was probably because I haven't read the prequel trilogy (The Grisha Trilogy) to this story. Though some events that transpired there have been hinted at, I would say this book can be read on it's own. A fully realized and detailed setting that's not outlandish by any means but still entirely unique in it's own way.

This is a fast paced book. Albeit, it took me a while to get into it, once I was hooked I finished the last 300 pages in one night, staying up till the wee hours of morning. Action packed, with enough things happening at all times to keep you gripped. A wholly bingeable book with a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Final Thoughts:
Six of Crows got me laughing, worried, excited, amazed and shipping one particular couple ( "Maybe it's because I like your stupid face") which I very rarely do. Excellently written and adequately paced, this book will consume you. And I loved every moment of it.

9/10: "No mourners" "No funerals."

[Product Note: I got an unblemished paperback with a great cover(as shown in the cover image). Great service by Amazon, as always.]
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