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Reviewed in India on 28 June 2019
Let's start with a story of Mahabharata
One fine day Krishna and all Pandavs with Draupadi were walking in jungle.. They saw a dog which is about to die.. Its limbs were out, guts were swollen.. Its smell was very unpleasant... Pandvas and Draupadi notice all the bad things in it but Krishna was intently watching the glittering white teeth of dog..
When or if you read this book you should only notice white teeth not unpleasant things...
This book is good if it is concentrating on last 500 to 1000 years of time but in context of Ramayana it is rubbish.. Yeah it evoke the emotions of readers for lower caste and tells readers that why we should take help them.. But if you add this story in Ramayana by manipulating facts then it's not gonna work out..
And in the end this book wants you to feel about poor and lower cast people which everyone should feel.. But also leave bad taste in your mouth.. And also this book is fully biased.. We all know that Deva and Asura are children of same father one don't want to share anything and other don't know how to control their hunger after acquiring everything.. So if you are telling me that Asura is native Indians and Deva is foreign invaders by applying rubbish Aryan invasion theory then many people can't digest it like me.. So all in one this book is not for everyone and if you read it don't take every info as a fact.. And sir Ramayan time Brahmans are not that bad.. And if you want to throw stones at Brahmans then plz come with some real facts and non biased attitude.
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