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Reviewed in India on 7 February 2016
This is the third book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. As far as this series goes I love the story line, the characters and the scenes set by the author.
The first book was without any doubt, phenomenal. The writing of the book is brilliant and the same could be said for the second book. The third book however is not as brilliant or phenomenal.
Celaena is wallowing in her guilt and self pity, unable to do anything. That is until she makes a deal with a person who just might be able to turn the tables and unlock Celaena's powers. Unlike the first two book, we see that in this book Celaena is susceptible to weakness and is not that cool assassin who she was in Throne of Glass. In this book it shows that it is not wrong for a person to crash and break down sometimes, and that to become weak and bleed is not a sin.
Dorian's part in this book was very important. Until now his father was a man who treated the kingdom and the people badly, but in this book the King's true colours are revealed to Dorian.
Chaol also makes a deal. Honestly I don't like Chaol (no offense to the fans of Chaol). It just feels like Celaena is jumping from one boy to another in each book, and I still like Dorian (no comments!)
In this book we also see the introduction of a new character, Manon who is a Ironteeth witch and could care less about others. Rule breaking, cold, ruthless. Oh yeah she's the person Celaena was in the first book.
I loved the book. It was a good read and very enjoyable, I just drank in Maas's book in four days.
I hope the review was helpful, and I have not disclosed any spoilers or what may be considered a spoiler.
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