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Reviewed in India on 4 December 2017
“In every religion, you find the same extremists. Once again, I arrived at my usual conclusion: one must educate oneself.” ― Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.
#NadirasPointOfReview: What a kickstart to 2017! Three reading goals in one book: Memoir (my fave genre), Ethnic story by an ethnic writer (from and based in Iran), Graphic Novel (my very first!). Immensely loved this book. It's the story of the author and her childhood during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Marjane then proceeds to escape to Vienna for a better life... only to return to Iran after 4 years... The book was released into 4 volumes. However, I bought The Complete Persepolis which had all of it together. I recommend to buy this one, instead of separate volumes.
Cons: The politics bit went above my head at times. The font maybe a lil tiny for some people. Author's viewpoints, Iran's internal policies DO NOT represent Islam. Islam is not an extreme religion. It's the fanatics and extremists who make it so. In a religion followed by 1 billion out of worlds' total 6 billion population...the extremists make up a small %. So plz dont judge it by its people. Judge it by its Quranic teachings.
Pros: The comic-strip adaptation was an excellent way of conveying this poignant story. Breezy page-turner. Perfectly suitable for readers like me with short attention span. Very humorous at times. Adorable yet perfect expressions in the graphics. Serious and sad story. Author fearlessly expresses her viewpoints without withholding anything back. 500 pgs full of words and prose sometimes fail to convey a story as well as 300pgs of comic strip can! I found tears rolling down my eyes at some points. Marjane's cool & supportive parents and grandparents are so lovable too.
Very entertaining eye-opener. Highly recommend it! 5-stars.

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