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Reviewed in India on 20 June 2020
My Rating: ⭐⭐1/2
Type: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance, Indian- Anti-hero Romance
Narration: Limited third person
Primary Characters: Shiv & Sunaina (Naina)
Source: Free in KU

Most of Kasi’s books I have read are Indianized, light wonderful read. I was expecting the same from this, but somehow, I didn’t like this book. The uniqueness which I saw in her other books were totally missing in this.

As blurb says: Naina’s political father had promised her to Shiv Jaipal to strengthen his power. Prologue starts with their marriage and first chapter goes back in time to know more about their background and brief interactions. I appreciate the authors effort to give backstory for all the couples in the series, however in this case, their back story prolonged for almost 45% of the book. In that, main protagonist meets each other three times and heroine doesn’t even remember one encounter.

We have met Naina and Shiv briefly in previous book. Shiv is charming and we can see both sweet and rebellious side of Naina. Shiv unleashes all his charm on her and tries to woo her and Naina is an almost willing victim to that. However, this book lagged in several aspect.

What I didn’t like: I personally felt that the first half of the book was dragged more than necessary. Secondly, book didn’t focus on relationship building. In her several other books – we see the subtle characteristics which attracted the protagonist to each other and highlighted their personality, was entirely missing in this. This book was focused on their physical attraction and nothing else. The instance where heroine doesn’t remember their encounter is never discussed again in any part of the book. Some of her previous books had a desi touch in description of place, cloths and food which is missing in this. Parties and get togethers were highlighted in a “Firangi” way. Once they had the physical intimacy, it felt like story was just fast forwarded.

I saw these smaller changes in first Devil’s book as well, it just escalated in this. This book screamed non-Indian culture. The timelines and hints from book 1 didn’t match at all.

Plot moved in slightly slower pace in first half and it got fast forwarded in last part. We could still see Vijay as a loyal friend once in a while. No other intriguing secondary characters. Writing style was good but it lagged a lot in gripping narration this time.

Over all, this book felt like several other foreign romance novels. To me, it was desi book with a
firangi story. It may not be same for you. Read and decide yourself and let me know your thoughts.
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