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Reviewed in India on 25 February 2016
Fangirl by Rainbow rowell follows Cath and her twin sister wren as they go to university. Cath and wren have always been with eachother they shared a room all their clothes they basically shared everything their entire life but now they are off to college and wren doesn't want to be roommates with cath anymore . So now cath has to deal with this new world on her own.
Cath is obsessed with harry potter like simon snow books. Cath writes fanfiction about the two male characters simon and baz she is quite the star in the fanfiction world. Cath is an introvert instead of interacting with people having the "college" experience she sits in her room writing fanfiction only leaving the room for class.
Cath has to deal with her room-mate reagan who is completely opposite to cath and levi who is reagan's friend and hangs out in their room a lot he develops a friendship with cath. Cath takes writing classes and struggles with origanal writing vs fanfiction. Cath makes friends with a classmate who only wants to talk about words She is worried about her dad who is alone at home and wren with whom her relationship is growing distant . Life is getting hard for cath can she make it without wren ..... Will she leave simon behind like wren is she even ready ?
My take i absolutely loved this book. There was a lot of hype surrounding this book and it lived up to the expectation. Fangirl is real, the romance is real the people are real the issues they deal with are real . In between the chapters there are excerpts from either the fanfiction written by cath or from simon snow books it is unrelated to the story but some how fits in. Rainbow rowell writes an engaging relatable story i could totally identify with cath . After i was done with fangirl cudnt stop fangirling over it.
I am asking you to read it because its not just about fanfiction its charming quick paced read dealing with issues of social anxiety ,family, friendship slow and steady realistic romance taking risks academically and personally.
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