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Reviewed in India on 7 December 2019
This thing is a gamechanger for those of you looking for a solution to organize your wires.

I was hassled AF trying to organize my desktop and keep it neat. Kept trying to duct tape the wires together to keep them in place, but either the duct tape would come off in a bit, or I'd need to cut off the duct tape whenever I had to put in a wire or remove the mouse or whatever.

But this thing is a gamechanger. You can just cut strips of velcro tape and wrap it around wires however you like. In fact, it works great as a duct tape alternative in general, because you really make some truly epic and organize stuff however you like with this thing.

I've used this to not just organize my wires, but also make a makeshift holder for my joystick and mobile phone at my workstation, but just sticking a few strips in an arrangement to the underside of my table with some duct tape. I can unstrap my joystick whenever I want.

This thing sticks strong and sturdy and doesn't come off over time like duct tape. It's also not very flashy (as organizers should be). I see colourful flashy velcro strips going for 300 bucks which makes no sense.

Especially when this one gives you 6 whole rolls of great velcro tape that you can cut and use however you want. I've done everything I want and more and still have 2 rolls left.

Honestly just buy it and do whatever you want with it. You won't regret it.
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