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Reviewed in India on 6 July 2019
Spoilers Ahead!!

When Amish launched Rama, the first book of Ramayana Series, he told that he would be writing this series in a multilinear way: the lives of Ram, Sita and Ravana will be described in three different books and then be merged together on a single most important event of their life: Kidnapping of Sita. The first thought that crossed my mind that time, was that of repetition of the same story in 3 books but with three different perspectives. It was a good try on the author’s part and I started the series.

Rama was good: plot line was being set up and Sita was better: even if some things were repetitive, story-line was opening to a next level and writing was also good.

But when I started Ravana, few pages into the books and my fears of repetition of the story started hitting me.

When you will read this review, you will feel that how many times this guy has used Repetition word. This was actually how I felt when I read Ravana.

Amish made one of the most feared Super-Villain into a lover boy and now everything he does, it’s out of love, whether killing a whole village to kidnapping of Sita. There is one instance at the ending which proves that battle between Vasistha and Vishwamitra was also because of some ‘She’. So, Ravana is fighting because of His love for vedvati, Rama is fighting because of His love for Sita, Kumbhakarna is fighting for his love for Ravana, Vishwamitra and Vasistha are fighting for their long-lost love. So, in a nutshell, everyone is fighting everyone because of love and there are no other emotions left in the Amish World. Sorry I couldn’t digest this.

Sita is the child of Vedvati, it was so clear in the middle of the book that I was not at all surprised. Samichi part was better in Sita but the relationship between Samichi and Khara was not explored at all.

Complete focus of the entire story was on Ravana, his love life Vedvati, his sorrow and pains when she left her and how his actions were defined after her death. Story of a Typical Bollywood movie.

I loved the younger Ravana very much. He was dark, cruel and full of hatred but the feelings were pure. I think love towards Vedvati made him confused about his feelings and crippled him to become more truthful towards himself. He was a villain and he should have acknowledged it but his actions were always shadowed by her.

I am not sure what actually went wrong with this book, maybe Amish was struggling with his personal life and he just wanted to get this completed because it was the most dark book he ever wrote. But maybe that rushed feeling, it’s attached to the book and it corrupted the true soul of the master villain of this book.

There are no secrets/surprises as of now about what will happen in next two books. I am waiting for the twists of course and want Amish to prove me wrong!

Jai Shri Rudra!
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