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Reviewed in India on 10 June 2018
The Duke of Ashbury is a scarred war hero. Emma Gladstone is a seamstress. She lands on his doorstep to claim money for a wedding she made for his ex-fiancee. The Duke is impressed by Emma's pluck and wit. Also that she didn't want to puke upon looking at his disfigured body. Sparks fly. The Duke ends up offering marriage to her with certain conditions.
1. It is a marriage of convenience.
2. They will have sex with no lights and no kidding.
3. When Emma gets pregnant, she will have her own house in the country to raise the child.
Emma begs to differ.
1. They will have dinner together every night.
2. They will have conversation.
3. There WILL be kissing.
The whole book is strewn with their carnal activities but it never goes overboard or sleazy. The chemistry between the two is clearly perceived and their fallible in love, a given. I loved the humor between the two protagonists. Usually the heroine, at some point feels scared of the hero, but not this one. Thank God. She gives as good as she gets which I liked. No simpering, no kow- towing, no nervous twisting of the hands.
I liked this book and would definitely recommend it.
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