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Reviewed in India on 17 May 2021
Book cover and title: Well designed cover with perfect title.

Theme: The main plot of the story involves around revenge and murder. After Anuradha murders Sid purely out of self defense, her life takes a turn. Dhruv, who was having an extra marital affair with her, chooses his wife Shalini and kids over her. After that, a heartbroken Anuradha shifts job and meets her new set of colleagues along with Aman. Strange set of events occur when Anuradha's colleagues are murdered one after the another. Who committed these murders? What is the actual motive of Aman? Who will Dhruv end up with?

Writing style: The narration was very good. Sid's portions were extremely well written. The author could have shown more of Sid, his romance with Anuradha and his family. That was the only missing thing I could spot in the story. Also his end could have been different. It fely like he didn't get what he actually deserved. Aman's greyish characterization was excellent. Dhruv, stuck between his family and Anuradha felt like he was in confusion 24* 7. He should have deserved a different ending, hopefully without Shalini.  

Anuradha, though intelligent and clear at times, seemed so different in judging Aman. The camera tricks used throughout the novel were superb.

The climax was something completely unexpected and I didnt see that coming. On the whole, a great read!
Rating: 5/5
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